Saturday, 29 January 2011


I had been thinking on the subject " why Gambian/ African men cheat? I wanted to find out myself. So I had a series of conversation with different people. I know Gambian men cheating in most of their love/ lust relationships isn't a new thing. Cheating is not a big deal to them. Some Gambian men are selfish, lairs but also polite. 

So lets deal with the basic subject: Why do they cheat?

Answer: because they can and sometimes can away with it or they want to explore something extra, greed or insecurity.

How do you know your man is cheating?

1. Spends all his spare time on the phone with a particular female friend.

2.He picks up an argument every time – nothing seems to please him. The main reason for this is because, he is looking for an opportunity to connect with his new, “connection with the classic line, I am so misunderstood aka she doesn’t understand me but you do”

3. Turns off his cell phone when he’s home or with you or goes outside to make his phone call.

4. charger problems/lost cell phone/lost charger – being the reason you can’t get a hold of him for days

5.Erratic behaviour

6.He doesn’t notice you in your sexy get up aka freak dress.

7. He suddenly becomes too nice. For example, if you have a miserly man and all of a sudden he starts buying you stuff like there is no tomorrow, he is doing that to assuage his guilt.

8. He is always says he is busy whenever you call him.

9. He is working late.


  1. Hey you are so, so right and I went through all this except number 7 by the way I have seen it and knew it from the beginning what was the intention but I did had my plan as well and this make me step in the trap. I keep cool head and never get married cross my fingers but have invested to much patience and energy but thanks god hardly any money

  2. I have had LOADS of women with similar stories that have commented on my blog ! I think it would be really great to expose some of this kind of stuff more? If you would be willing to do a brief interview with me over e-mail or to 'name and shame' a Gambian love cheap I'd love to hear from you! You can reach me at

  3. Why did you name the article why do Gambian men cheat? It's like your saying that all Gambian men cheat. Have you even went to Gambia? It's normal there to have more then one wife. Also another answer to why some men cheat is because they dislike there spouse.

  4. I share more about a lowly Ghanaian male on my blog: